The cost of divorce and relationship breakdowns is increasing

The cost of divorce and family breakdowns to the national economy is more than $14 billion each year, according a recent News Corp analysis.

The News Corp analysis looked at information available from the Department of Social Services, the Department of Human Services and the federal Attorney-General’s Department. The analysis indicates that the cost of divorce and family breakdowns has increased by $2 billion or 17 per cent over the last two years. 

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However in a July 1 press release by the Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews stated that the cost of divorce and relationship breakdowns is approximately $3 billion. Mr Andrews said that when a relationship breaks up it affects individuals, children and the community.

In an attempt to strengthen relationships and decrease the number of relationship breakdowns, separations and divorces in Australia the Australian government introduced the Stronger Relationships trial on July 1 2014. The one-year trial will enable up to 100,000 couples in a committed relationship, and over the age of 18, to access counselling and relationship education. 

Divorce and relationship breakdowns in Australia

In Australia, family relationship issues fall under the Family Law Act 1975. Under the law, blame is not prescribed to either party, the main concern is for the child or children concerned. 

If there is a dispute over children when a relationship breaks down it is required by law that there is an attempt to resolve the issue through family dispute resolution. This applies to all individuals who are wish to file an application with the family law court or make changes to an existing parenting order. 

The act states that a divorce order will be granted in the case that the “marriage has broken down irretrievably”. If the court finds there is a reasonable likelihood of the couple resuming living together the divorce order will not be granted.

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