Small Business Week is nearly here

Queensland companies are encouraged to network with experts, government and other organisations during small business week, which kicks off next week (September 1-6).

Queensland has around 410,000 small businesses, according to the Queensland Government Business and Industry Portal. A small business employs fewer than 20 people. These organisations are an integral part of all Queensland's industries, making up 96 per cent of the total number of businesses in the state and providing employment for 50 per cent of private sector workers. 

The portal states that small businesses involvement in the events will help them "become more productive, sustainable and resilient". There are more than 200 free or inexpensive events organised throughout Queensland next week. 

There were 4,500 people involved in 91 activities and events at the 2013 Queensland Small Business Week. The business and industry portal said that 70 per cent of attendees last year were owner-managers, 53 per cent had been in business for more than 10 years and 13 per cent were start ups.

Reasons for attending the event included networking (20 per cent), learning (18 per cent) and wanting to expand operations (14 per cent). 

A selection of the events will be hosted by the Queensland Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games Jann Stuckey. One of these events is Are you a Small Business Tiger? How Do You Become One?

This event will include a panel of experts who will talk about how businesses can significantly increase revenue in the next year. This can be achieved through management of cash flow, recruitment and selection, business expansion and how the growth of a business is financed. High-growth start ups will also be discussed.

If you are a small business in Brisbane or Redlands, a commercial lawyer can discuss any legal issues surrounding commercial agreements and contracts.