New rules for motorcycles in Queensland

Queensland’s suite of traffic legislation has been revised in recent months, with motorcyclists soon to see new laws affecting the way they can move through traffic. The changes relate to the ability of motorcyclists to navigate other road users, particularly when the surrounding vehicles are moving slowly.

Among the main changes are that motorcyclists can now use the shoulder of the road in the event that traffic is currently travelling less than 30 km/h and the speed limit is over 90 km/h.

Motorcycle users will soon be able to stop at a set of lights in front of stationery vehicles, in the green space currently reserved for cyclists. This will allow them to move away from a traffic light faster than surrounding cars, reducing the risk of an accident.

Finally, new rules are also being introduced regarding the transportation of passengers on a motorcycle, along with new regulations for helmets. The range of approved helmets is expanding in order to align with Australia-wide standards.

Alongside these changes, new fines will also be introduced for violating these rules. These penalties will come into affect alongside the new rules, which are currently planned for early 2015.

Queensland isn’t the first state to introduce new rules for motorcyclists that are navigating slow-moving traffic. The ACT has announced a two-year trial that will commence in 2015, while NSW has also introduced new laws similar to those in Queensland, following a successful trial last year.

If you would like more information on these changes, make sure you contact a lawyer with experience in both traffic infringements and licencing issues.