New guidelines for small businesses facing legal action

In a small business, there are a range of different factors that can affect growth. Not only do small businesses have to grow quickly if they want to thrive in a competitive market, they also have to navigate a variety of legal and regulatory challenges.

When these challenges result in court action, it can be even more dangerous for a company. Even relatively small claims that arise from an employment contract can threaten the viability of your whole operation.

To help small businesses handle this process, the Fair Work Ombudsman has recently released a Small Claims Guide which can help companies get through this process.

This guide focuses specifically on how companies can navigate a dispute with an employee over a claim of less than $20,000. The guide includes tips on filling out court documents and the time limits and fees that might apply when legal action is taken against your firm.

Accompanying the document are numerous short videos, which outline the processes companies need to take. 

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James pointed to the value that this new program will offer for small businesses.

“The guide will help to ensure workplace disputes are settled quickly and fairly in the small claims process with minimum expense to the parties involved,” said Mrs James.

This new set of support isn’t the only support mechanism that companies have received in recent months, with the small business commissioner recently unveiling an online dispute-resolution tool. This programme aims to reduce the need for small businesses to take action to court in the first place. 

While these new resources are increasing the range of support that small businesses can access, it is still important to consult with a corporate law firm. They will be able to offer the right skills and advice to ensure any legal action is dealt with appropriately.