Extra caution urged among Queensland motorists

 Motorists throughout Queensland have a duty to ensure they take extra care as they travel during the September school holidays, the state government has warned. Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey stressed that drivers need to pay attention to the road in order to avoid collisions and traffic infringements.

“The golden rules are for drivers to slow down, obey the road rules, put your mobile phone away and don’t drive tired or under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” commented Mr Bailey.

Laws have been introduced that mean stricter penalties for anyone found using a mobile phone behind the wheel. Those falling foul of the law will be eligible for a $353 fine, as well as three demerit points. From September 1, double demerit points were introduced for those using a mobile phone for a second time within 12 months of the first offence.

Further to this, learner and P1 drivers under the age of 25 cannot use a mobile phone while driving, even through a hands-free device. All drivers within these categories are banned from using their mobile phone via the loudspeaker function.

So far this year, the Queensland government reveals there have been 169 fatalities – that marks an increase of seven people from the same time last year. Mr Bailey advised motorists to drive in accordance with the conditions at the time of their journey and to adapt their style as necessary.

The school holiday period is likely to mean the roads are busier than usual, which increases the likelihood of accidents occurring.

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