3 warning signs that a will could be a forgery

Forgery of a will or testamentary instrument is a serious offence, so it is prudent to properly investigate the matter before making any accusations.

Consulting with an experienced estate planning lawyer in Queensland can help you properly investigate the validity of a will.

There are a number of warning signs that one should look out for. For instance:

1. The will disproportionately favours one person

Suspicions are often raised when a single beneficiary receives a large proportion of the assets. Loved ones may be particularly cautious if this person had recently come into the deceased’s life or was not considered a close family member or friend.

2. The will contradicts the deceased’s stated wishes

If the testator consistently made it known to their close family and friends about the ways they intend their estate to be administered and distributed and the will does not reflect these wishes, this may be a ‘prompt’ or ‘warning sign’ for the executor/deceased’s family to explore the validity of the will.

3. The will was ‘found’ or informal

For a will to be valid, the deceased must sign the document in a particular way. If there is no official will on record, but an informal, unwitnessed version is later discovered, the validity of the document should always be investigated. 

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