3 things to consider when creating an employee contract

Employee contracts are essential for any business looking to expand and take on new staff. These legally binding documents will spell out exactly what you need to provide as an employer and the expectations that come with a new employee.

While this might seem obvious, contract and employment law are notoriously difficult areas to navigate. Not only are there a range of different considerations that need to be taken into account, issues with a contract will often only come to light when something goes wrong.

To help get the right employee contract for your needs, here are three things that need to be considered when formulating a new employment contract.

Have clear expectations

When hiring new staff, it is essential that you go into the process with clear expectations of your newest employees. Without this level of clarity, even the best contract will be ineffective at setting up your new employee.

Before you draft a contract, make sure you understand the responsibilities that come with this position and then build the contract around these expectations. Of course, you may wish to provide for some flexibility, so that employees’ tasks can adapt with your changing business needs.

Get the details right

As with many things, employment contracts rely on the minor details that shape the overall position of your business. 

With employee hours, remuneration and employment standards all requiring a fine attention to detail, there are a range of different aspects that need to be taken into account when drafting a contract.

Consult with an expert

One of the biggest mistakes that employers can make is drafting a contract without consulting with an employment lawyer. While it might seem easier to tackle this task internally, there are many risks that come from this approach.

Enlisting the services of an expert can ensure that employment contracts are legally sound, reduce the employers’ exposure to risk and are appropriate for the position you are hiring for.

If you want to make sure that your employee contracts are up to the right standard, make sure you talk to an employment lawyer today.