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Separation and divorce are some of the biggest, most difficult life events you may ever face. Whether it’s you or your partner who initiates the separation, rarely is anyone ever prepared for the end of their marriage or long term de facto relationship.

The breakdown of your relationship launches you into unknown territory where you will grapple with unfamiliar (and often conflicting) information from friends and family. Often this only adds to the pressure and confusion you’re no doubt already feeling.

And of course, marriage separation is a challenging time for families. Plans for your children, division of property, and financial arrangements will need to be sorted out.

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All of this means it’s often difficult to think clearly and rationally about separation due to the overwhelming impact it has on your emotional and financial security.

It’s a time when you will need support, information, and guidance on the legalities involved in the separation and divorce process.

So if you have separated, or if separation feels inevitable, it’s important to seek professional advice to help you protect your emotional and financial wellbeing – not only during your separation, but across your long-term future as well.

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