Domestic Violence

Everyone has the right to live free of violence and the right to feel safe. If you are experiencing domestic or family violence or abuse, you can apply for a domestic violence order with assistance from MDL.

A domestic violence or protection order is a court order limiting the behaviour of someone who is violent to you, helping to protect you, your children and other people named on the order. A domestic violence order will include conditions to stop the respondent from behaving in a way that makes you feel unsafe.

About domestic violence orders

You can apply for a domestic violence order yourself or get a police officer, solicitor or authorised person (friend, relative, community/welfare worker) to apply for you.

The domestic violence order must include conditions that the respondent is well behaved toward you and your child/ren or anyone else named on the order. The court can also include other conditions stopping a person from approaching, contacting or locating you, or anyone else named in the order, which could include coming to your home or workplace.

Once an order has been made, it’s a criminal offence for the respondent to breach (disobey) the order. They are also prohibited from having a weapon or a weapons licence.

Get legal advice on seeking a domestic violence order

It can be helpful to seek legal advice before starting the process of getting a domestic violence order. McCarthy Durie Lawyers can give you information and advice that is specific to your circumstances, help you understand the process, and advise you on the steps you need to take to get a domestic violence order.

For advice and assistance with domestic violence, call the McCarthy Durie Lawyers team for a confidential discussion on 07 3233 9999.

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