Building & Construction Law

MDL has extensive experience in acting for builders, developers, sub-contractors and property owners in the effective resolution of building and construction disputes.

This experience includes disputes regarding defective works, payment disputes, bringing and defending payment claims and all forms of dispute resolution including mediation, adjudication and litigation.

Experienced Brisbane Construction Lawyers

MDL’s Building and Construction Law team can help you with:

  • Building disputes
  • BCIPA claims
  • Resolving contract and negligence disputes
  • Debt prevention and recovery
  • Tribunal and court appearances
  • PPSA – protection for supply of goods

Talk to MDL for assistance with the BCIPA

(Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004)

The BCIPA is designed to provide builders and subcontractors with a fast and reliable payment system, when undertaking construction work or supplying related goods and services.

To get the most out of the BCIPA, ensure you make every claim – and stop work if you haven’t been paid. You should also ensure that Claims, and Responses to Claims, comply with the Act.

MDL can assist you with preparing:

  • Payment Claims
  • Payment Schedules
  • Adjudication Applications – which are made in the advent that a claimant is not satisfied with the amount outlined in a Payment Schedule
  • Adjudication Responses – which are prepared in response to our Adjudication Application
  • The review of an Adjudicator’s Decision to ensure that the adjudicator:
    • had jurisdiction to determine the Adjudication Application
    • has afforded procedural fairness to the parties
    • did not make an error
    • relied solely on the material presented to him or her by the applicant and respondent
  • Obtaining an Adjudication Certificate, which arises out of an Adjudicator’s Decision
  • Obtaining a judgment debt through the appropriate court based upon an Adjudication Certificate

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