“I specialise in handling complex legal matters, whether it be a dispute or a multi-faceted commercial transaction. I take care to ensure every angle is covered.Time and again I have found that a quality approach achieves my clients a quality outcome.”

John Warlow | Director


1992 - Bachelor of Laws

1993 - Admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Qld

Professional Memberships and Appointments

Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland

Solicitor of the High Court of Australia

Member of the Queensland Law Society


After being admitted as a solicitor, John practised as a commercial and litigation lawyer rising to become a partner before the age of 30 in one of the longest established firms on the Gold Coast. In 2000 John left the Law and moved to Brisbane to run a family business in the textile industry which, with his guidance, quickly grew within a few short years into a multi-million dollar enterprise with customers throughout Asia and the Middle East.

According to John those years outside the law were invaluable, as very few solicitors truly understand the demands and exigencies of business owners. But by 2004 the call of the Law was too great and he returned to practice, joining forces with Scott Jenkinson to create a firm specialising in property, corporate and construction law, which we now know as Warlow Scott Lawyers.

John’s specialty is in handling particularly complex matters, whether it be a dispute, a complicated corporate transaction or a building and construction issue.

Expertise and Experience

As the leader of the firm’s commercial and construction law dispute resolution team, John’s focus is always to gain the ascendency early in any battle in order to provide the client with a platform from which to resolve the matter before excessive legal costs are incurred.Years of experience have shown that putting clients on the litigation ‘conveyor belt’ can be counter-productive as within a matter of months the costs can outweigh the amount at stake.

In addition to his expertise in business and construction disputes, John also has extensive experience in corporate law and business transactions. His expertise in disputes and litigation has given him the ability to identify potential traps that are often missed by many lawyers who practice purely in transactional matters.That ability to identify pitfalls, as well as years of experience both inside and outside the Law, has seen John develop long-term relationships with many clients who have come to trust his judgment, not just for legal matters, but also for solutions to all manner of business problems.


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