Our solicitors are committed professionals with a wide range of experience both within and outside the legal profession. As a result our firm is well equipped to provide assistance in all aspects of our clients’ property and commercial transactions. Our solicitors understand the commercial realities that face our clients and are able to provide practical and personal legal advice for each client in such areas as:

Property Law

Our property team is highly experienced and regularly acts in all manner of projects, from residential conveyancing to large scale land, townhouse and high rise developments. That experience allows our team to reduce the risk of unforseen problems in the course of your transaction, and to provide guidance and assistance at all stages of the matter.

Planning Law

Planning and Environment Law is a specialist and complex area of law. Any given development may be subject to a wide range of local and state planning schemes and codes. The potential for delay and/or disputes arising out of non-compliance with planning requirements or facing objections to development plans can be costly. Warlow Scott works closely with highly experienced town planners to ensure that your project complies with the relevant planning requirements, and has the skills and experience to deal with any difficulties that may arise in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Property Development

The experience and skill of our property lawyers allows us to provide successful and practical results in all areas of property development, including residential developments, mixed-use facilities, commercial offices, hotels and retail shops. From lease negotiations to complex multi-layered property sales, we deliver practical advice, on time and within our clients’ budgets in relation to all aspects of the development from acquisition, financing arrangements and planning requirements, to the eventual sale of the completed development.

Commercial Property and Leasing

Our solicitors act in all manner of commercial property transactions from purchasing and selling commercial properties to the development and leasing. We act for both commercial property owners as well as landlords and tenants from single commercial or industrial properties to the leasing of small and large retail shopping centres. Whether it be ensuring that your lease protects your commercial interests and complies with the range of legislation governing both commercial and retail shop leasing, to drafting, negotiating or advising on the terms of the lease on behalf of tenants, our solicitors offer practical and common sense plain-English solutions to all your commercial property needs.

Corporate Law and Intellectual Property

Our corporate services include all aspects of asset protection, entity structuring, debt recovery solutions and commercial documentation, with a large part of our business supporting accountants, financial planners and a raft of small to medium enterprises.

We also understand the growing importance of ensuring that the intellectual property rights associated with your business are well protected. We are able to assist our clients to identify and protect valuable intellectual property rights. From trademark to copyright issues, licensing, design and manufacturing under licence agreements, we are able to assist you with the preparation of the relevant commercial agreements or licences to protect your rights, and if required to protect your interests in relation to intellectual property related disputes.

Asset Protection and Structuring

Asset protection involves the separation of the “ownership” of assets from the “control” of the assets. Business practices and structures are used to create barriers between your assets and the risks faced by your business, or even by yourself personally. Accordingly if you are sued, the risk to your assets is minimised. Effective asset protection planning also has a number of tax, succession and superannuation advantages. Our solicitors are committed professionals with a wide range of experience both within and outside the legal profession. As a result we understand the commercial realities that face clients and are able to provide practical and personal legal advice for your structuring needs including company and trust creations, partnerships and joint ventures, shareholders agreements, asset protection and all manner of commercial agreements.

Business Sales or Acquisitions and Franchising

Whether you are looking to purchase a new business or sell an existing business, there are many matters to consider. Our commercial lawyers have experience in the sale and purchase of all manner of commercial enterprises from newsagents and retail shops, to childcare centres, petrol stations, restaurants and national franchises in the retail and service industries. Our lawyers provide advice in all aspects of the matter from contract preparation and negotiation, to licensing, intellectual property, restraint of trade, franchise documentation and advice, lease assignments and due diligence. We ensure that every step of the process is handled in a manner designed to ensure that the transaction not only protects your interests, but is efficient and completed with the minimum risk and drama for our clients.

Insolvency and Debt Collection

Our commercial law team understands that one of the key ingredients to your commercial success is ensuring that your business’s cash flow is protected. Our firm provides advice and practical solutions to both debtors and to all forms of creditors, both secured and unsecured, on their exposure to financially stressed debtors and the various options available to them. Our solicitors have wide-ranging experience in all aspects of debt collection and can provide detailed assistance and advice in all matters involving personal and corporate insolvency covering liquidation, receivership, voluntary administration, deeds of company arrangement and bankruptcy.

Commercial Disputes and Litigation

The majority of the matters in which we act are resolved without proceeding to costly court action. If a dispute arises that cannot be resolved through negotiation, mediation or other dispute resolution methods, our goal is to protect our clients’ interests vigorously and as economically as possible.

Construction Law and Disputes

The process of actually constructing a building whether it be your dream home or a large-scale project is fraught with potential for disputes, litigation and delays. As such, the contractual basis for your relationship with all parties involved, from architects and surveyors to landscapers and builders, needs to be closely scrutinised before you commit to a particular course of action. Uncertain or conflicting contractual obligations can give rise to costly delays and litigation. Whether you are looking to minimise the potential for disputes or already find yourself in the middle of dispute, we can provide the skills and experience necessary to identify and defuse problems.

Wills, Estate Planning and Administration

Planning for the future involves much more than having a Will. While having an effective Will is a necessary first step, we ensure that your affairs are planned with a focus on both your personal and financial needs to give you peace of mind that your assets will be distributed as you wish once you are no longer here. Our solicitors ensure that all aspects of both your, your family members, and your business interests are adequately protected in the future against threats from creditors, family law claims and possible litigation to ensure that our clients have peace of mind that no matter what the future holds.

Using our experience you can be assured that your Will leaves nothing to chance, and your estate and trust administration is conducted in a way that is clearly and easily understood by all parties. We will endeavour to resolve any issues on your family's behalf, easing the burden of your death on your loved ones.